Welcome to SeaBadger.io. My name is Gabor and this is my blog. I’ve spent a bit over 18 years working in IT and recently started focusing more on diving and traveling.

As you can probably tell, I’m interested in web development and website optimization. Photography was my hobby for over a decade. I extended my spectrum with underwater and drone footage in the last years and nowadays I’m investing some time into improving my shots. While I enjoy developing I also try to find enough time for traveling and hopefully will spend more time on marine conservation projects.

During the years I developed excellent problem solving skills and have hands on experience in many fields from UNIX engineering to app development. I have a passion for IT and technology in general. When kids wanted to be  policemen and soldiers, I wanted to know how to move a pixel on the screen TV of the C64. My project management and support engineering experience helped me to evolve a bit and to better understand the less technical human beings. Nowadays I’m still ready for all kinds of new challenges and eager to learn.