React on TypeScript – Part 2

In the previous post I left some React on TypeScript build flow steps to my future self. The project is already in a pretty decent shape, TypeScript is working, there is linting, CSS modules support and unit testing. Now just adding some more loaders to Webpack to handle images and other files and Babel to add some more browser compatibility. I will continue working on the repository which I created in the previous post, check it out if you want to see how we got here.

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How to build and test React with TypeScript using Webpack 4

For my test projects I’ve been using create-react-app, which is very nice to kick start a React project in Webpack build flow. Unfortunately making it work with TypeScript is somewhat a pain (doable though) as for example new versions of TS loaders will not work with Webpack 3 anymore which is used by the current version of create-react-app. Instead of using old libraries, let’s see what it takes to bootstrap a React web project/build workflow including:

  • build workflow setup using Webpack 4
  • TypeScript support
  • TS linting for code style checking
  • CSS module support to avoid clashing with other components
  • support unit testing with Jest and Enzyme

These are mostly fairly well documented things, you will find more details for each tools on their respective website. Here I summarize the steps and create a working configuration. At the end of the blog post you will also find a link to the complete repository.

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